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The Cosmetic Label Snob Book

The Cosmetic Label Snob Book

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Written by Willette Monk, The Cosmetic Label Snob is a no-nonsense guide to the top 100 ingredients you should avoid in your cosmetics.

We live in a society where chemicals are invading every aspect of our lives, including the air we breathe and the food we eat. Moreover, there are more than 2,500 potentially toxic chemicals in our cosmetics and body care products that most of us rub and slather onto our hair, skin and nails every day. Every women is at risk, but if you are African American or other woman of color, you bear a disproportionate burden of the chemicals in cosmetics.

A Cosmetic Label Snob is someone who insists on the best cosmetic and body care products available. They are not impressed with celebrity endorsements, pretty labels, alluring synthetic fragrances or savvy marketing campaigns. The ingredients on the label have to pass the test to go home with a Cosmetic Label Snob. It's Time for your Inner Cosmetic Label Snob to Emerge!

Paperback Book