Skincare by Willette Marie

A Holistic Licensed Esthetician for over 15 years, Willette Marie's philosophy is to do no harm and the Truth about Beauty is that you are." We use the best plant-based ingredients provided by Mother Earth combined with non-invasive technologies to attain and maintain your natural, innate glow.  


Skincare by Willette Marie Services and Treatments

5 Point Holistic Skincare Consultaton:  $99.00 / 60 minutes 

Healthy hair and skin are a commitment. Therefore, it is essential to understand the underlying causes of your skin issues. The holistic approach concerns nurturing the skin or scalp from the inside. It understands that the health of our skin depends on several other factors we will examine, such as lifestyle choices, diet, emotional, mental, and environmental stress, and current skin or scalp care routine. We will customize a program that includes proper hydration, recommended foods, supplements, reducing stress, and using botanicals that improve your skin or hair condition. Each client will be required to keep a food and rest journal for five days before the appointment.  

Includes email follow-up one week after meeting.  

Note: Holistic Consultation clients have the option to participate in our 12-week holistic healing program to improve skin issues or hair loss. Contact us directly for more information.  

To book, go to: www.styleseat/willettemarie

Essential Skin Care Facial: $99.00 / 60 minutes

We will begin with a skin assessment to determine your skin type. We will discuss diet and nutrition, lifestyle, stress level, and an analysis of your current products and routine.  

Your treatment includes deep cleansingpore steam, and exfoliation—extraction of blackheads and whiteheads, a relaxing facial massage, customized masque. Toner, moisturizer, serum, and SPF according to your skin type.   

To book, go to: www.styleseat/willettemarie

Willette Marie's Signature Facial: $139.00 / 90 minutes

Using the traditional European method, this facial includes skin analysis, cleansing, steaming, pore purify, exfoliation, and extraction, relaxing jade and gua sha massage of the face, neck, and declotte using cooling balls, a customized mask. Finish off with a hand massage, moisturizer, serum, and SPF custom for your skin type. Suitable for all skin types 

To book, go to: www.styleseat/willettemarie

Teen Facial: $79.00 / 60 minutes

An intro into the importance of good skincare.  After a skin type analysis, your princess/prince will enjoy cleansing, exfoliation, facial steam, customized mask, facial and hand massage, and moisturizing.  

To book, go to: www.styleseat/willettemarie

Men's Facial: $99.00 / 75 minutes

Men's skin and women's skin differ in a few key areas. For instance, men's skin is 25% thicker, has a higher collagen density, and produces more sebum oil, leading to more breakouts. 

Your facial starts with a deep cleanse before exfoliating away dead skin cells, steaming open pores, extractions to clear blocked pores, and toning. Lastly, a vigorous face, neck, and shoulder massage and a mask formulated for your skin type and moisturizer with SPF. Men's skincare products and advice on how to take care of skin at home between professional facials.  

To book, go to: www.styleseat/willettemarie

Back Treatment: $139.00 /  75 minutes

The skin on the back is not easy to get to and often goes without proper care. As a result, many people suffer from back acne and excessive dryness. Your intense back Treatment begins with an Ayate cloth exfoliation and a steaming session. From there, we do a deep cleanse, extractions, a massage with cooling or heat balls, a mask, and ending with an intense moisturizing oil compatible with your skin type.  

To book, go to: www.styleseat/willettemarie

Acne/Rosacea Treatment: $119.00 / 75 minutes

Includes skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliating, deep pore cleansing, steaming, extraction of blackheads and comedones, deep pore refining mask, cooling ball massage, and serum customized for your skin type—a customized treatment plan improve skin condition. 

To book, go to: www.styleseat/willettemarie

Me Time Spa Day:  15% off three services

Treat yourself to a day of exquisite pampering, and do it your way! Combine any three of our services and receive 15% off!

To book, go to: www.styleseat/willettemarie

Ear Candling:  $39.00+ / 45 minutes

This ancient practice involves placing a unique wax candle in the ear canal. The therapist lights one end and places the other in the ear canal. The flame creates negative pressure, drawing wax & ear debris out of the ear canal, which appears as a dark residue. A plate catches any candle dripping. The procedure takes 30-45 minutes 4 candles total.  After you consult your physician, book an appointment.

To book, go to: www.styleseat/willettemarie

ADD ON SERVICES (The following services can be added on to a facial service - can't be booked as a solo service)

Jade Gua Sha Facal Massage:  $19 / 15 minutes

Increase Circulation, improve lymphatic drainage with this ancient facial massage technique. Sculpt and retrain facial muscles to lift and tone the skin. Decrease puffiness. 

To book, go to: www.styleseat/willettemarie

Hand and Elbow Treatment:  $19 / 15 minutes

Improve the look of hands and elbows with a dry brush exfoliation, sugar scrub. End with a soothing hand massage and application of moisturizing botanical and heat mittens. 

To book, go to: www.styleseat/willettemarie

LED Light Therapy:  $29 / 30 minutes

Your skin absorbs infrared light and uses it as a source of energy to stimulate cellular regeneration. Infrared LED light therapy, first researched by NASA for use in the U.S. Space Program, can reverse and control the visible signs of aging and help you look years younger without invasive surgical procedures. Tightening of skin, smoothing of wrinkles and rough spots, disappearing blemishes, softening of redness, reduces pore size and the appearance of acne 

To book, go to: www.styleseat/willettemarie

Wax (add-on)Services:  $29 / 30 minutes

  • Lip:  $11.00
  • Chin:  $11.00
  • underarms: $21.00
To book, go to: www.styleseat/willettemarie