Six Week Holistic Guided Skin Care Program

Your Five Point Holistic Skin Consultation Includes:   
  1. A Skin Analysis.  Via Zoom, we will do a skin assessment, which includes, a comprehensive discussion to determine your skin type, your specific skin concerns and skincare goals. 
  2. Diet and Nutrition.  Beautiful skin begins within.  We will discuss your diet and supplements to determine adjustments that may be necessary. 
  3. Lifestyle and Emotional Health.  Stress, anxiety and major life changes can affect your skin.  
  4. Analysis of Your Skin Care Products and Routine.  Using the correct product mix for your skin type and needs is extremely important.  
  5. Personalized Skin Care Program.  A personalized program will be designed using a holistic approach that includes nutrition advice, product recommendations and a 6 week follow-up. 
So how does it work? 
Once you have purchased your consultation, you will receive a confidential skin health survey for you to complete. We will also ask you to keep a 3-day food, drink, and supplement journal to give us an idea of your nutrition habits. These surveys should be completed with as much accuracy as possible. They are not used to judge you, they will be used to improve the condition of your skin.

​Once completed, we will meet with you at your 60-minute scheduled appointment time via zoom. Your consultation will be completed and within 24 hours you will receive your personalized Skin Care Plan.
Your consultation does include email access to your Esthetician, to ensure you have all of your questions answered along the way. You will have a 6 week follow up 30-minute zoom call to ensure we are getting the desired results. 
Program Cost:  $225
 What it Includes:  
60 Minute Zoom Consultation.  
Follow-up 30 Minute Zoom Consultation.  
Holistic Personalized Skin Care Plan. 
Email Access Throughout 6-Week Duration.
 Purchase Today and Start Your Journey
to Beautiful, Glowing Skin

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