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About our Ingredients:

Our Soaps are completely free of all GMO ingredients, parabans, sodium lauryl sulfate, unnatural preservatives, and petroleum products.   We are proud to offer a full line of 100% vegan soaps, and a few varieties that incorporate goats milk, honey, or beeswax.  

The Base Ingredients of our Soaps

Organic  and Conventional Olive Oil:
Olive Oil is a traditional mild emollient used in soap that provides a rich moisturizing feel. Olive Oil is most commonly imported from Spain, Tunisia, and Greece.
Organic Sunflower Oil:
Sunflower Oil is very similar to Olive Oil with the difference being that it has a lighter and cleaner feel to it. It can have a tendency to get slightly tackier than Olive Oil but the skin feels oh-so-nice when Sunflower Oil is used! We believe that we have found the perfect balance between luxurious and robust in our bar soap and the ratio of Sunflower Oil is a key factor to that.
Organic Shea Butter, Fair Trade-Fair For Life 
Shea Butter adds another moisturizing element to the soap bar and creates a soft, creamy texture. We use only Fair Trade Organic Shea Butter that supports the environment and communities that cultivate the product.
Responsibly Sourced Organic Palm Oil (RSPO IP Certified, Fair Trade-Fair For Life, Organic):
Palm Oil is critical in balancing the softness that Sunflower Oil and Olive Oil provide. It is necessary to produce a stable and hard soap bar that lasts through repeated use without sacrificing overall quality, user experience, or incorporating undesirable ingredients into the soap bar. We are proud to share that we exclusively use Organic Palm Oil that is grown and harvested using only responsible and sustainable methods. Read more about the Palm Oil debate on the Palm Done Right  Website
Organic Palm Kernel Oil (Fair Trade, Organic, Sustainable RSPO IP):
Palm Kernel Oil (from the kernel, not the fruit) is very similar to Coconut Oil in that it creates a fantastic lather. It adds some additional hardness to the soap bar and supports a rich and fluffy lather.
Organic Coconut Oil:
Coconut Oil creates a fantastic lather. It adds some additional hardness to the soap bar and supports a rich and luxurious lather.
Hemp Oil:
Hemp Oil may be incorporated for a unique skin feel and additional moisturizing potential. We only use Unrefined Hemp Oil to eliminate the potential for contamination during the refining process.

Essential Oils, Natural Fragrance Oils, and Fragrance Oils

An Essential Oil is a naturally derived plant fluid (usually by distillation of the plant) extracted from seeds, bark, leaf, or petals of the plant. Essential Oil is usually a pure, single-plant oil. The FDA has noted that blends of Essential Oils must clearly indicate each Essential Oil contained within or otherwise be listed as "Fragrance". Many of our suppliers utilize Essential Oils and other natural raw materials that we use to make our Natural Fragrance Oil Blends and they do not wish to disclose every ingredient. Therefore, our way of labeling them is to list them as a Natural Fragrance. This informs the consumer that it is indeed of natural origin while not requiring the manufacturer to list each individual Essential Oil contained within. If an individual does not care either way, we have many soaps that have lab-created aroma chemicals in them to "enhance" the aroma. These Fragrances will simply be called "Fragrance Oil" and the "Natural" will be dropped as a qualifier. In an effort to serve a wide range of customers and to offer a diverse product catalog, we feature soaps that incorporate Essential Oils, Natural Fragrance Oils, and Fragrance Oils.