Why is Sheajoba® so Popular?

Why is our moisturizing hair food, Sheajoba®, our #1 product?  One word “moisturizing”!   Moisture is key for our beautiful tresses to remain healthy, strong and thriving.  Every product you see on the market for our hair texture promises moisture because they know it is a required component to healthy hair. 

The issue though is often these products do not live up to their own hype…the front of the label says moisture, but the back of the label starts with water or mineral oil, both of which should not be listed as ingredients for products that are supposed to moisture our hair textures. 

More disturbing is that although we spend nine times more than non-blacks on hair and beauty products, we are also taking on a disproportionate burden of chemicals in products that are marketed towards women of color compared to products marketed to white woman. 

Sheajoba® was created to provide not only the moisture our hair needs to thrive, but to do it at no cost to our health, literally.  And I say literally, because ingredients like mineral oil is a suspected carcinogen and can be toxic to the immune system.  Or the synthetic fragrances used in many of these products contain chemicals linked to headaches, allergies, cancer and reproductive disorders. 

Sheajoba® lives up to the hype!  It is a natural “hair grease” great for both natural and relaxed hair and for women, men and children. It is formulated for African American hair textures, made with plant-based ingredients and scented with essential oils. For more info, click here.

At GreenSistah™ Botanicals, we are committed to bringing awareness to the disproportionate number of chemicals in products marketed towards women of color, providing hair and body care that is non-toxic and effective and empowering women of color, unapologetically!   

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