Does Fragrance Type Matter?

What's the difference between fragrance oil and essential oil, and should it matter? How about I give you some facts so that you can decide. Essential oils come from plants. An intensive distillation process extracts the essential oils from the flowers, herbs, or roots of the plants. Fragrances, on the other hand, fragrances are concocted in laboratories with petrochemicals or synthetic ingredients. Synthetic fragrances are cheaper to produce than essential oils.

Essential oils (EO) have therapeutic and healing properties. EO's offer a more subtle and persistent presence in the product. Essential oils can enhance your mood as well as offer healing properties. At GreenSistah™️ Botanicals, we use essential oil to scent our products as well as add to the efficacy of the finished product. For example, Rosemary essential oil stimulates hair growth. Our lavender-infused shea butter encourages calm and relaxation. The essential oil of Patchouli is grounding and helps still the mind.

Fragrance oils, on the other hand, are used to make products smell good. They are usually crude in their presence. Oils made from chemical or synthetic ingredients have no therapeutic properties. Moreover, because of the various chemical components they are composed of, they may be detrimental to your health. Synthetic fragrances can cause headaches and may trigger allergies. They often mimic the scent of essential oil. They tend to have names that invoke a feeling, like spring rain or enchanting forest. If you are looking for a naturally scented product, look for ingredients like the essential oil of sandalwood, lavender, peppermint, etc. Products containing fragrances would list ingredients such as fragrance, or perfume, or fragrance blend.

By now, you should have formed an opinion on essential oils or fragrances. Do you choose plant-based or petroleum-based? If the choice is the natural one, essential oils, we got you. GreenSistah Botanicals only uses essential oils in the products we offer.

Our hair products, shea butter, and men's products contain essential oils for scenting and therapeutic properties.

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Willette Monk AKA (The OG)

Founder GreenSistah™️ Botanicals& Licensed Esthetician

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