Trim Your Ends

The following are 3 of the top reasons you want to clip your ends regularly in your hair care routine.

  1. To retain length:  Believe it, or not your hair will retain it's length when your ends are healthy. When your ends start to thin, splitting is on the way. Once your ends split, the natural protection offered by the cuticle(the outer layer of your hair) becomes diminished. Eventually, that splitting will travel the length of the hair shaft and cause breakage. Removing split ends regularly will enhance growth. 
  1. Have Fuller hair:  Damage hair thins and diminishes the appearance of your hair. Regular trims reduce frizziness and flyaway hair, therefore, creating a thicker and fuller appearance.
  1. Less Breakage:  Regular trims seal the ends of the hair which allows essential moisture to be retained. Curly hair especially needs moisture to maintain it's health.
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