Water Temp Matters When Washing and Rinsing Hair

Did you know that frizzy hair and split ends can be managed by changing the temperature of your water when shampooing and rinsing?

Yes.  When washing your hair you should use really warm water, not hot.  Warm water will open the cuticle releasing trapped dirt, oil buildup, and grime.  It's sort of like when you steam the pores open your skin gets really clean.  
The real gem is that you should never use warm or hot water when rinsing.  Always, always, always rinse your hair in cool water only.  Cool water will close the cuticle (pores) back up. Once the cuticle is closed your hair will have a smoother appearance, which will eliminate the frizz.  Sealing the cuticles also protects your hair from damage and seal in the moisture for frizz-free hair. 
Love your hair and she will love you back.  
Willette (AKA) The OG
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