Tip Tuesday: Shampooing 101

At GreenSistah™ Botanicals, we are focused on healthy hair.  And one of the keys to healthy hair is a clean scalp.  Our Wash Day Shampoo when used correctly, may keep your scalp/hair clean and it won’t strip your hair of moisture that it needs.  Below are a few tips for how to properly wash your hair. 

  1. Prior to shampooing, start by using warm water to wet your hair and open up your hair cuticles. This will allow the shampoo to penetrate deeper to remove dirt and oil.  It will also help to absorb the moisture when conditioning your hair.
  1. Scalp care is essential for healthy hair. When shampooing, be sure to focus on your scalp.  When washing, be gentle and don’t use your nails to scratch your scalp.  Your scalp is an extension of your face, scratching it can cause irritation to your scalp.
  2. Final rinse (after conditioning) should always be with cool water.  This closes the cuticles back up to seal in the moisture. 

Remember, the type of shampoo you use is also just as important as shampooing your hair correctly.  Our beautiful curls need moisture, so choosing a shampoo that will not strip moisture from our hair, like GreenSistah™ Botanicals Wash Day Shampoo is super important.  Happy Wash Day, Ya’ll!!!

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