Three Reasons to Soak in the Tub

Did you know that soaking in the bath tub regularly has a lot of benefits!  Here are a few:

  1. Better Skin:  Yasss, honey…soaking in a warm bath can improve the look of your skin!  Studies show soaking in warm water regularly can remove toxins through your skin because it stimulates detoxification.  Detoxification and removal of toxins equals glowing skin!
  2. Soothes irritated skin:  The key to this tip is to make sure the water is warm, not hot, and include some essential oils like lavender, or add some coconut or oatmeal.  This combination can help hydrate and heal dry/irritated skin. 
  3. Burn Calories: Yes, you read that right.  Sweating from a hot bath can burn as many calories as taking a walk.  Be careful not to make the water too hot…we want to burn calories, not our skin!

GreenSistah™ Botanicals has everything you need to take your bath to another level...from soaps to foot scrubber to exfoliating brushes.  

And at The Boutique, we have bath bombs, salts and scrubs that are perfect for your weekly tub time.  If you are in the 757, come check these products out at 10171 Jefferson Avenue, Newport News, VA.  The Boutique is open Sat/Sun from 10am to 4pm.    

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