The 4-1-1 on Dry Brushing

Winter brings us  cozy sweaters and fly boots...but it also can bring dry skin, :(.  One of the ways to help with dry skin is to dry brush.

Three Reasons to Dry Brush: 

1.  Awesome for exfoliating dry skin and unclogging pores. 

2. Helps with detoxifying because it increases blood circulation and promotes lymph drainage.  

3.  Dry brushing plumps the skin which may make your cellulite less noticeable because of the plumping effect it has on your skin. 

Why a Dry Brush?  Because it allows you to exfoliate and increase blood circulation while retaining moisture that a hot shower can rob you of. 

When should you Dry Brush?  The best time to dry brush is before you take a shower. By dry brushing before your shower, you can wash away the dead skin cells.  Remember to moisturize after you shower...I recommend  moisturizing with GreenSistah™ Botanicals AromaShea Whipped Body Butter.

What Type of Brush Should You Use?  The brush should be made with natural/firm bristles.  GreenSistah™ Botanicals has your brush needs covered. 


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