Some Kitchen Sink Self-Love

Practicing Self-Love is not an option if you are going to heal, thrive, and live your best life. Furthermore, the more little things we do for ourselves, the larger the impact.

Doing You can be so easy, and doesn't have to take a whole paycheck or time you don't have. Self-Love can be small acts, like putting on a sweater when you are chilly or taking the time to make yourself a tall glass of lemon water when you are thirsty. When is the last time you took a nap in the middle of the day or soaked your feet? When is the last time you slathered on your favorite body oil or lotion and took your time to massage it deeply into your skin? Doing these things will put you in touch with yourself. Stroking your skin and basking in its beauty is an intimate exchange with your soul. When you caress and care for yourself in the smallest way, you are fully alive and grounded within the moment.

I have started a daily practice of what I call "kitchen sink self-love Cleaning, washing, cooking is a must in my house. There is no getting around it. Like you, I probably wash my hands 50 times a day. So I keep a jar of DIY Shea Butter and Sugar handy dandy at the sink. It takes a minute to boost my mood and give my hands some moisture and removes dry skin cells. It also gives me a deep breath moment that soothes and energizes me in the middle of the day. If you could use a kitchen sink break, check out the video below for the recipe and the technique.

Practicing self-love makes perfect. You will heal, thrive, and emit the light of Self-Love.

In Light and Love,

The Willette Monk (AKA, The OG)

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