It's the chemical free for me and my scalp

GreenSistah™ Botanicals Products are Chemical Free

There is an array of hair care products on the market claiming to be the next best thing for beautiful hair.  Many of which could be responsible for thinning and damaged hair due to the drying chemicals that make up the formulations.  Ingredients such as mineral oil petrolatum, alcohol, propylene glycol, parabens, dyes, synthetic colors, and synthetic fragrances can wreak havoc on your scalp and hair.  

Switching to products that are natural, effective, and free of chemicals can go a long way in improving the condition of your scalp.  A healthy scalp is the first step in maintaining a healthy and beautiful head of hair.  

At GreenSistah™Botanicals we formulate our products with only the best plant-based ingredients nature has to offer.  We make our products by hand with pure plant oils, extracts, plant butter, herbs, and essential oils.  

We strive to encourage wellness in ourselves and others by offering the finest Scalp and Haircare products "Mother Nature" has to offer. 

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