Five Ways To Prevent Hair Breakage

We’ve gotten several emails and DMs about hair breakage.  And while my go to response is always, drink more water and oil your scalp…there are also other thing you can do to help prevent breakage.  Below are five ways.

  1. Drink more water:  I stand by this statement….periodt!!!  Did you know that dehydration is the one of the main reasons people have dry, brittle hair?  25% of the weight of a single strand of hair is water which means if you aren’t consuming enough water, you could do some serious damage to our hair. 
  2. Oil your scalp: Yes, black girl hair is magical but the secret potion to that magic is moisture!!!!  Our hair requires moisture to thrive.  It’s important when choosing a moisturizer, that you read the ingredients…we don’t do water based or mineral oil based moisturizers over here. No ma’am!!! The problem with mineral oils is a blog all by itself…but trust me when I say…it is not your friend, okay!  We want moisturizing oils and butters to be the first ingredients listed.  Ingredients that won’t clog your pores or suck the moisture out of your hair.  Sheajoba® New Growth Hair Food was formulated with our hair textures in mind.  It is what I affectionately refer to as ”hair grease”, it’s  that one product you should be using every couple of days to oil your scalp…not only will it help with the breakage caused from dryness, it will also have you hair touching your back!
  3. Satin is an essential worker: Cotton may be the fabric of our lives, but it is not the fabric for our hair. Cotton is an absorbent which means it sucks the moisture out of your hair…aka, hair breakage. Sleep with a satin pillow case and/or satin bonnet, use satin scrunchies, wear hats and head scarves with satin linings. 
  4. Just say no to the creamy crack: Before you come for me, remember I am just the messenger!  So, let’s start with the fact that you can smell the perm being mixed from across the room, do you really think that’s something you should be putting in your hair? It is permanently…not temporarily, but PERMANENTLY changing the texture of your hair.  When you perm your hair, you make it weaker, which in turn can lead to breakage.  And if you read the OG’s book, The Cosmetic Label Snob, then you also know the health issues associated with some of the ingredients in the creamy crack.  
  5. Let those dead ends go! I am not just talking about relationships…I am talking about your hair. I know, I know…your hair is already breaking and you are telling me to cut it?  Yep, sure is!  The dead ends are causing more damage and until you clip them, your hair can’t thrive!  Click here to check out our blog about trimming your ends.
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