Deep Clean your Pores for Flawless Skin

Did you know that clogged pores are the number one cause of skin issues?  You may be washing your face twice a day, but you may not be removing all the dirt and grime from your skin.  

Your pores are an important function of healthy skin because that is where sweat, bodily fluids, and toxins get released from our bodies.  More often than not, the stuff coming out of your pores and the stuff in the environment, including product buildup, dirt, and grime get stuck.  This causes a backup in the pores, making it tough for them to function properly.  

There are several ways to detox and unclog your pores.  If deep pore cleansing is done regularly, you can enjoy healthy and flawless skin.

Join us on Facebook Live, Thursday, March 18th to learn how easy it is to detox and unclog your pores.  

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