Black Love Day

Valentine’s Day is cute or whatever, but it’s the Black Love Day for me!  

Founded in 1993 by Ayo Handy Kedi, Black Love Day is observed on February 13th and is the third nationally commemorated African-American holiday. 

Black Love Day is a day to celebrate black love in all aspects. The holiday is based on the following five principles

  • love for the Creator
  • love for self
  • love for family
  • love for the black community
  • love for the black race

How to Celebrate Black Love Day on February 13th:

  • Display the “Akoma” which is an Adinkra symbol of love, patience, goodwill faithfulness & endurance
  • Use the greeting “Nya Akoma”. It means: get a heart, be patient.
  • Practice self-love,  self-care and self-awareness
  • Have a black couples event focused on black love
  • Host a  couples event focused on black love or a community event centered around building up and healing our relationships or increasing the peace. 
  • Buy Black Love Day gifts from black owned businesses to recycle the black dollar
  • People of other races can show “love in action” by working out their behavior and racial attitudes toward black people.
  • For more information and ways to celebrate, read the Black Love Day book by Founder, Ayo Handy Kedi




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