Benefits of Jojoba for Your Hair and Scalp

Did you know jojoba is not only great for your skin, but it also has many benefits for our beautiful coils!  Yes, jojoba will leave you with a healthy scalp and hair touching your back!

Jojoba, a wax ester, is very close to the sebum (natural oil) our scalp naturally produces.  The natural oil that our scalp produces helps to moisturize the hair.  As we know, lack of moisture means dry hair which leads to split ends and shedding. 

Jojoba, because it closely resembles our natural sebum, adds that necessary moisture when our scalp doesn’t produce enough sebum and can help loosen and remove hardened oil/wax that can happen overtime when your scalp produces too much sebum.

In addition, jojoba naturally has antioxidant properties that can help fight fungal and bacteria on the scalp.

When applied directly to the hair, jojoba helps to condition the hair, seal in moisture and add luster/shine.

Sheajoba®, our hair pomade is a powerhouse formula that includes jojoba.    

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