Are you neglecting your scalp?

Are you neglecting your scalp?

Most times, when it comes to skincare, many people neglect their scalp care. The general belief is that the skin stops at one's forehead, so they tend to not apply the same rules. Contrary to belief, Your scalp is a part of your skin or integumentary system. It covers your brain and all the other good stuff inside your head, it just has more hair on it. So, with that said, I'm gonna need you to heed the following. 

  1.  Your scalp just like your face and the ash on your legs needs moisture. If your scalp is not properly hydrated it dries out and that could lead to problems like itching, dandruff, hair damage, and eventually hair loss.  
  2.  Scratching and digging your nails in your scalp causes damage.  Yes, that is skin and it's just as sensitive as the skin on the rest of your body. If you scratch your face or dig your nails into your face, it's going to crack and bleed. The same thing happens when you dig into your scalp, so please stop it. Furthermore, tell your shampoo girl to stop it. All the scalp needs is a gentle massage with the fingertips, not the nails.   
  3. It's Your scalp that needs the shampoo, not your hair.  Remember the scalp is where the skin is, and your scalp/skin needs to be washed gently. Stop scrubbing and rubbing your hair with the shampoo. Massage the shampoo with your fingertips into your scalp. When rinsing, the shampoo that naturally rolls down your hair shaft is enough for your hair and it does not need to be rubbed in, as it causes friction to your fragile hairs, which will split and break them. Tell your shampoo girl to stop it or you gonna have to bill her for your hair loss. One more thing about the scalp it needs to be washed often because it is skin. It's got pores, therefore it gets buildup and has secretions just like the rest of the skin, and it can get funky.  
  4. Last, but not least Your scalp needs exfoliating, just like your face and body.   At GreenSistah™ we talk a lot about the importance of removing dead skin cells that can hinder your complexion. The same applies to the scalp. Using a natural bristle brush on the scalp it crucial to great hair. Your scalp needs to breathe. Brush your scalp when your hair is dry never brush when your hair is wet. 

Great skincare includes scalp care, moreover, the positive side effect of good scalp care is great hair. So neglect your scalp, no more.

At GreenSistah™ Botanicals, we are committed to providing you with great products, education, and support on your self-care journey. Our plant-based products for hair, skin, and body are formulated with the best ingredients "Mother Nature" has to offer. Never any toxic chemicals, parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances.  

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